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Intelligo, Payroll Software and Solutions Specialist, becomes SD Worx. Now known as SD Worx, formerly Intelligo.


In November 2022 , Intelligo was acquired by European HR leader SD Worx. Learn more about SD Worx and read our FAQs on the changes further below.

    About SD Worx

    SD Worx' acquisition of Intelligo

    In November 2022, Intelligo was acquired by SD Worx. The acquisition was a natural progression for both companies, with Intelligo having been SD Worx’ payroll partner in Ireland for almost 16 years. This long-standing relationship guarantees seamless business continuity for MegaPay users, with Intelligo remaining at its HQ in Bray, just south of Dublin.

    At Intelligo we look forward to continuing to develop and deliver our flagship MegaPay solution as part of the SD Worx family, with the major benefit of an expanded range of offerings in the HRM area, and new go-to-market solutions and services for Irish clients and Irish clients looking to expand right across Europe.

      Introducing SD Worx

      Did you know that SD Worx has over 75 years of experience working with payroll and HR? It all started in 1945, when the Belgian government needed help. Employers created SD Worx, a wage administration company. Today, SD Worx supports companies in over 150 countries and is based in 23 countries. What is the secret behind the success story?

      The world has changed a lot since SD Worx was founded after the Second World War, and so have the challenges in payroll management.

      Today, SD Worx offers its HR and payroll services worldwide. Their modern technology and smart solutions always have the customer, the employer and the employee in mind.

        What does the name 'SD Worx' stand for?

        The name SD Worx is linked to our roots in Belgium, as well as our success on the global stage. In 1945 we were called Sociale Dienst VEV, hence the abbreviation “SD” in SD Worx. The name is Dutch and Sociale Dienst stands for Social Service. What we offered then and now is to assist employers with everything related to HR, salary and personnel. When we then expanded and needed to use more languages in our communication, we changed our name to SD Worx.

          What does Worx stand for?

          It is in our DNA to work together with our customers, to help them find solutions that actually work. We work with our customers, see challenges from their perspective and help them become stronger. That’s why we call ourselves SD Worx. And let’s admit it, Worx sounds a lot cooler than Works right?!

            What does 'For Life. For Work.' mean?

            Our slogan “For Life. For work.” means that today, life and work are more intertwined than ever. And one thing is certain: what is good for your people is good for your organisation.

            We provide HR & payroll services that make your life and work, and that of your people much easier. Together we spark success, For life. For work.

              The goal: to be number one in Europe

              SD Worx has a clear ambition to become the leading European provider of integrated end-to-end HR solutions for all organisations and workers. The Intelligo acquisition fits in the strategy to achieve this ambition as it allows us to strengthen our portfolio of payroll & HR software.

                SD Worx FAQs

                1. Products and services

                Will our current Intelligo products change?

                There will be no changes to Intelligo’s current MegaPay Payroll software and services offering. The name Intelligo will change to SD Worx in time.
                MegaPay’s software and services will be fully retained with SD Worx’ portfolio. In addition, Intelligo’s current offering will be expanded through SD Worx’ strengths in the following areas:

                • Core HR
                • Payroll & Reward
                • Workforce Management
                • Talent & Career
                • Staffing & Recruitment

                Will we have access to any new products and services through SD Worx?

                All of Intelligo’s current payroll software and services, including MegaPay, will remain in place. But we also look forward to introducing new new products and services over time.

                Will MegaPay functionality change at all?

                Nothing will change due to our acquisition by SD Worx! Intelligo’s MegaPay offering will remain the same. Importantly, the software will continue to be updated in line with legislative changes in Ireland and the UK, and further MegaPay updates will also be released, including new features and functionality.

                Will local support change?

                No, there will be no change to Intelligo’s renowned customer support, which aligns perfectly with SD Worx’ reputation and customer-centric focus. MegaPay will continue to be developed, supported and maintained from our HQ in Bray.

                  2. European presence

                  How can SD Worx help my business grow in Europe?

                  As many of our customers have operations outside Ireland, SD Worx can most definitely help with this. SD Worx is currently present in 23 countries across Europe and, via partners, another 150 countries. That is an enormous plus for Intelligo customers, many of whom have plans to go to market across Europe and the EMEA region.

                  How do you think European HR and pay will change?

                  We see a continuous focus on digitisation, initially driven by the impact of the pandemic. Business and HR delivery requirements are being reshaped in completely different ways, while European legislation remains dynamic and evolving across each country. Accessibility and simplicity are key attributes of the best solutions for leaders and employees.

                    3. Intelligo’s New Organisation as Part of SD Worx

                    Will you continue to be called Intelligo?

                    For the short term, Yes. However, Intelligo will be rebranded into SD Worx Ireland in time, although we will maintain the MegaPay product brand.

                    Other changes you will notice over time include user names, media handle names, URLs and the design of our social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

                    As a client, do we need to do anything because of the upcoming name change?

                    In time you will receive official communication on the company name change. All of our document templates will be modified to include up-to-date company legal information, while invoices will also get a new logo and company name. When this takes place, please ensure you adjust your database, contact and payments details, and so on, accordingly.

                    As a client, will we get a new contract?

                    Although in time we will change our name to SD Worx, renaming our legal entity from Intelligo Software to SD Worx, there will be no other material changes. All contracts will remain valid with the same legal entity, and there will be no change to the company registration and VAT numbers.