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Workforce Management (WFM) Software

We are delighted to announce that SD Worx Workforce Management is now part of our extended HCM offering. Our workforce management software combines an excellent user experience, flexible processes built around your business, easy self-service for your staff, smooth integration with your existing systems and much more.

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Plan, Manage and Analyse Projects – All In One Place

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Future-proof, flexible and customisable WFM software

Save costs through a more efficient time & attendance system

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Cloud-based and internationally scalable WFM solution

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Talk to us today to see our flexible payroll solutions in action. Whether you are looking for an accurate time & attendance system, or workforce planning tools, our experts are here to help.

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Discover the seamless efficiency of WFM Software


Dive into the innovative features that streamline HR processes, from employee scheduling to time and attendance tracking. With intuitive interfaces and powerful analytics, businesses can optimise their workforce management strategies and empower their teams for success. 


Explore how SD Worx's cutting-edge software revolutionises how organisations manage their most valuable asset: their people.

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    Workforce management

    Time & Attendance

    An accurate time & attendance system is crucial for the successful automatic processing of payroll.

    • Less manual work means fewer errors and higher efficiency for your staff
    • Book in and out on any device with our attendance tracking software
    • Reliable insights help managers make informed decisions for their teams
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      Workforce management

      Workforce Planning

      Deliver work on time by scheduling and tracking your team’s projects and tasks in one place.

      • Gain visibility of your team’s costs and workloads with strategic insights
      • Real-time, self service access for everyone, anywhere, on any device
      • Cloud-based, secure and available 24/7, 365 days a year for planning without compromise
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        Workforce management

        Task & Activity Management

        Our project management solution with automated reporting gives you a powerful visualisation of how much time is being spent on core business activities.

        • Gain a clear overview of individual tasks and employee management and ensure accurate overtime calculations
        • Seamless, IT friendly integration with HR, payroll and financial software
        • Make more informed decisions through insights into hours worked and associated costs of each project
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          Workforce Scheduling

          Make the planning and administration of your workforce easier and more accurate.

          • Improve your planning, using turnover, occupancy, and other metrics to make informed decisions
          • Schedule the right people at the right time while benefiting from clear attribution of labour costs
          • Identify gaps and opportunities with workforce scheduling that helps you define better business strategies
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            Workforce management

            Access Control for Employees and Visitors

            Keep track of employees, suppliers and visitors via a secure and trackable access control system that integrates with your hardware and security systems.

            • Central access management and reporting
            • Full control plus increased security and compliance on all your access points
            • Reduce costs of dedicated monitoring personnel and manual sign-in processes
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              What We Offer

              covering + 90 countriesBoosted Visibility

              A powerful workforce planning software that gives employers visibility and control over labour scheduling costs.

              Dynamic mobile payslipsAccess Any Time

              Real-time access to up-to-date scheduling anywhere via any device.

              Efficient Payroll Software by SD WorxSecure, Cloud Based Solution

              Cloud based, secure and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

              Self-serviceSelf Service

              Managers can manage the working hours, rotas and absences of employees themselves.

              SD Worx Core HRWork Allocation

              Employees can be easily assigned to projects or cost centres and vice versa. Quick access to detailed overviews of cost allocation.

              FAQs | Time & Workforce Management

              Benefits of workforce management software include streamlined scheduling, improved labour cost control, increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement, and better compliance with labour laws.

              To choose the right workforce management software, consider factors such as ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, features, and customer support.

              Workforce management software can help with payroll processing and compliance by integrating with payroll systems, tracking employee hours, and managing absences, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

              Workforce management software handles employee data and privacy through robust security measures, access controls, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

              Support and training for users may include onboarding assistance, dedicated account managers, online resources, webinars, and ongoing customer support.

              ROI from implementing WFM software can be seen through improved labour cost control, increased productivity, reduced overtime costs, enhanced employee satisfaction, and better compliance with labour laws, ultimately leading to a more efficient and profitable business operation.

              Time registration is logging the time and thus attendance. Employees can log their time and by doing this, an organisation retains a view on the attendance and working time of employees. Even though logging is the starting point, the actual gain is in the reporting and subsequent processing to gain a strategic understanding of your company’s greatest asset – its people. 

              Logging time and attendance with a tool like SD Worx Workforce Management, saves you time and therefore money. In addition, the registration of time and attendance gives you many benefits such as: less manual errors, increased productivity and profitability, fast and easy team management, easy and reliable data insights and a work-life balance monitor.

              Time registration software requires a customised implementation, as each company has its own rules. An SD Worx Workforce Management consultant ensures a flawless implementation, so you can get started right away.

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