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Cloud Payroll Software, Built to Scale

MegaPay is designed by payroll specialists to bring you the most robust, scalable software for large businesses.

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Cloud-based SaaS Payroll

Powering payroll for 1 in 5 of Corporate Ireland

You won’t find more robust payroll software

DokumentseiteReports on what matters to you

Our comprehensive reporting rivals all other systems on the market. What’s more, ad-hoc reports can be created in multiple formats, so you can get the data you need quickly and efficiently.

Perfect match talent challenge 3Connect with Workday and more

Full payroll integration via Workday’s PECI Connector allows HR data to flow seamlessly into payroll. Easily connect to other third-party systems through powerful integration.

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sendScale without limits

Our highly scalable platform grows with your business, without restrictions on the number of payrolls, volume, and frequencies.

colorGet dedicated support

MegaPay has gained an enviable reputation as the best value payroll software, not only for its flexibility and robustness, but for the stellar level of support delivered by our dedicated and skilled team.

Unlimited scale, unrivalled reporting

MegaPay has been built to be fully customisable, robust, and adaptable to changing circumstances and requirements, without restrictions.

This is why MegaPay is used throughout every major industry in Ireland, from IT to Pharma, Financial Services, Payroll Bureaus, Big 4 Accounting Firms, Government Departments, Retail and more.

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Make managing large-scale payroll easy

Instant auditing

Right click any field to get an at-a-glance look at its log history, allowing for a vigorous in-flow auditing process.

Real-time updates

Every payroll user can tell you about systems that require batch processing or stepped updates. With MegaPay, make a change anywhere and you have updated pay status instantly.

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Customisable reporting

Reporting is based on query by example, enabling the user to easily construct their own reports.

Digitale Personalakte
Employee self-service

Mobile and desktop apps allow employees to gain online access to payroll details, payslips, P60s and more.

Performance up
Salary scales and shift patterns

Build salary scales, shift patterns, and any other parameters into MegaPay for increased automation to be applied to all relevant cases.

icon learning
Masterfile imports

Import ad-hoc data columns from spreadsheets. If a mistake is made, the system facilitates a rewind to do it again.

Herz und Hand
Multiple bonus runs

With new Revenue reporting requirements, multiple pay or bonus runs can be needed in a pay period which is easily done with MegaPay.

Pro rata calculations

Leave the calculations to MegaPay with date-based functionality to determine pay amounts. Eliminate the reliance on spreadsheets.

HMRC recognised

Managing UK and Irish payroll is seamless as a HMRC recognised software.

Employ enterprise-grade security

HR-systemNetwork segmentation

With MegaPay On-Cloud, you’ll have a dedicated environment.

SD Worx Zutrittskontrolle Weitere InfosEncryption

We use AES 256 encryption to protect your data.

iconThird-party security testing

External security companies test our cloud environments and software.

settingsUpdates Taken Care of

We take care of round-the-clock monitoring, timely backups, and security updates.


ISAE 3000 Zertifizierung SD Worx
Certified Plus
Workday Certified Payroll
Workday Access Partner

We’re proud to be the partner of choice

CSO reporting has been reduced due to standard reports already available on MegaPay. In addition, the ability to rerun end of payroll processes allows for amendments to be made in the correct period. Previous systems made this process arduous and time consuming.

Payroll Manager, Medtronic

    MegaPay Features

    MegaPay is a highly evolved payroll engine based on a single, super-fast, universal codebase. Every business case, industry exception and time-saving feature is available On-Cloud — without compromise. When MegaPay’s speed is combined with its time-saving feature list, payroll teams get far more done much faster.

    Every Payroller can tell you about systems that require batch processing or stepped updates. Not so with MegaPay; make a change anywhere on MegaPay and you have updated pay status to the very second.

    Different firms have different optimal and historical structures, from branch structures and multiple contracting clients, to different production lines. MegaPay’s granular activity-based costing and cost-centre allocation enables firms to maintain a clear picture of costs, pay centres and different paying entities. Finance and accounts can even invoice based on this to-the-minute data.

    With MegaPay, firms can run multiple off-cycle payrolls before and after a payroll run, meaning early and after-the-fact payments are easy to do.

    No more need to manually enter lots of data. With MegaPay you can import ad hoc data columns from spreadsheets. If a mistake is made, just roll it back and go again. 

    We’ve all been there with systems that require multiple steps and paper calculations and notes just to make sure everything is covered. Not so with MegaPay; key in the net and let MegaPay sort the gross out for you.

    With MegaPay you can right click any field to get an at-a-glance look at its log history. Allowing for a powerful in-flow auditing process.

    We all know it happens; not only can salary negotiations impinge on the past, but by the time changes make it through to the Payroll Team they can already be in arrears. Our solution: key in the date from which a new salary is effective and let MegaPay calculate the back pay for you and list it as a separate salary component should you wish.

    Instead of generating separate invoices for disbursements such as insurance payments, MegaPay allows payroll to combine deductions into single payments to providers.

    MegaPay makes salary frequency changes a cinch. Whether going from weekly to monthly or vice-versa, MegaPay moves everything at once including deductions and audit records. Even more impressive, if an employee shifts between entities, MegaPay detects the change in employer reference and automatically creates all necessary statutory reports for the old and new employer.

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