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At SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, we offer several scheduled training courses for MegaPay. These courses allow you to get the maximum return on your investment from our software and empower its users to be fully productive and proficient in its uses. We offer the only MegaPay payroll courses in Ireland. 

Training courses are run through our secure remote training cloud, which has proved to be a great success. Expand your knowledge of MegaPay from the comfort of your home or office desk. Onsite training is also available. 

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Each course is limited to just six delegates. This ensures a high level of personal attention and ample time to apply advanced principles to your specific needs within the payroll software. We offer MegaPay training courses for both Irish and UK customers.

    Basic Training

    Standard Training

    This course has been structured to cover the complete payroll process – from paper trail to reporting. It is suitable for new MegaPay clients or new users to MegaPay for existing clients and those providing backup for the payroll department.

    The Standard Training course will cover:

    • Complete Payroll process – from paper trail to reporting
    • Timesheets – Random/Sequential/Automatic
    • Setup of Elements & Rates– Hourly/Allowance/Deductions
    • Costing Set-Up – Departments/Cost Centres/Categories
    • Making Period and Out of Period Submissions to ROS
    • Payroll Reporting
    • Managing RPNs
    • Employee Masterfile
    • Check Payroll Runs
    • Plus much more.
      Report writer training.

      Report Writer Training

      This course is the next step from the basic training course that will ensure you gain complete knowledge of the payroll software. The entire course focuses on the Report Writer tool that will free up your time and make routine tasks easier. 

      The Report Writer Training course will cover:

      • Understanding the structure of MegaPay
      • Creating new Reports
      • Viewing and Selecting Tables
      • Creating Links – Table Relationships
      • Selecting fields
      • Grouping/Hiding and Sorting Fields
      • Placing Filters on Fields
      • The use of Variables as Filters
      • Custom Expressions
      • Using Variables in Custom Expressions
      • Plus much more
        Mobile payslips

        MegaPay Healthcheck

        Slightly different from our payroll courses. This day has been structured to review your complete MegaPay Payroll process. An experienced consultant will come on-site and spend time with you and your payroll team to go through how your data arrives at the payroll department, how the data is entered into MegaPay, how the payroll values are calculated and what reports, links and exports are currently extracted from MegaPay.

        The health check day is specifically designed for MegaPay operators who want to improve the efficiency of their payroll process, save time, improve the accuracy of their payroll data and speed up payroll sign-off.

        The MegaPay Healthcheck will cover:

        • Identifying where every Payroll figure is coming from
        • Improving  your data input to MegaPay
        • Establish more efficient ways to gather Payroll data
        • Review the manual calculations MegaPay can remove
        • Identify manual changes vs. software changes
        • Tailoring reports to match summary nominal reports
        • Plus much more.

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