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Irish Payroll Software and Solutions Specialist Intelligo Set to Complete its Brand Transition to SD Worx Ireland

Team SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

Irish payroll software specialist Intelligo, which was acquired by European HR leader SD Worx in November 2022, has reported that its brand transition to SD Worx Ireland will be completed by October. The maker of award-winning payroll solution MegaPay can now be found online at www.sdworx.ie, or at the company's original offices just south of Dublin.

    The acquisition of Intelligo by SD Worx signifies a powerful alliance, fuelling our shared mission to empower organisations with the most advanced and efficient Payroll and HCM solutions available. For Intelligo, this union opens up a world of opportunities, with access to global resources, enhanced technological advancements, and expanded market reach. Furthermore, this collaboration allows us to harness the collective expertise of individuals who share the passion for exceptional Payroll and HCM solutions, amplifying capabilities and propelling innovation in the industry. With two award-winning teams coming together, the possibilities are boundless!

    The enterprise payroll software firm recently reported strong 2022 financial results, buoyed by the growth of MegaPay On-Cloud, and has been readying to deliver an expanded HCM and HR offering as part of SD Worx.

    Eimear Byrne, Country Lead and former Intelligo Finance Director, spoke highly of the support Intelligo has received from SD Worx' headquarters in Brussels, and the efforts of her team in realising a successful organisational transition:

    "Our objectives during this period included maintaining seamless payroll delivery for our clients, continuing the sales momentum of MegaPay On-Cloud and MegaPay Outsourced, and becoming an integral part of SD Worx' Europe-wide sales proposition."

    "With the help of SD Worx CEO Kobe Verdonck, SD Worx Excom, and our own fabulous team here in Ireland, we have achieved these objectives and more."

    "Major business transitions are always challenging, and we have successfully demonstrated to our people, clients and the marketplace that Intelligo and MegaPay are even stronger as part of the SD Worx organisation."

    "Importantly, we have maintained our original Intelligo team, and have increased our headcount to support the growth of MegaPay On-Cloud and the onboarding of new HCM and HR solutions."

    Gary Hayes, now Head of Operations and Client Services, was excited by the product roadmap for MegaPay, a solution he has been involved with since Intelligo's founding in 1996:

    "MegaPay is favoured by scale enterprises with complex payrolls and advanced security, privacy and workforce needs. Our clients include global firms right across industry, including the Big 4 accounting firms and businesses looking to drive ERP and HCM platforms with a performance payroll engine."

    "We are excited about building on our success as part of SD Worx. With gender pay gap reporting and statutory sick leave provisions recently introduced in Ireland, and pension auto-enrolment looming, we remain focused on helping businesses navigate the rapidly evolving compliance, DEIB, ESG and distributed work landscape."