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Intelligo Becomes SD Worx! A New Era in Payroll & HCM Software and Services

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Intelligo takes a significant stride towards its vision of delivering payroll excellence beyond expectations following completion of the acquisition by SD Worx. By joining forces with SD Worx, we are poised to make an even more significant impact with our MegaPay Payroll software and Outsourced services and further expand into HCM solutions.

This significant development unfolded in October 2022, when SD Worx acquired Intelligo, and it is now solidified by the complete takeover, representing a strategic milestone. This alliance strengthens our position in the market and reinforces our commitment and dedication to providing cutting-edge payroll solutions and unparalleled support to existing clients and new business of all sizes and in all industries.


“The acquisition was an ideal fit for both companies as Intelligo has been providing payroll solutions in Ireland to SD Worx for almost 16 years. We’ve been long standing partners” – Eimear Byrne, Country Lead, SD Worx, formerly Intelligo.


    The acquisition of Intelligo by SD Worx signifies a powerful alliance, fuelling our shared mission to empower organisations with the most advanced and efficient Payroll and HCM solutions available. For Intelligo, this union opens up a world of opportunities, with access to global resources, enhanced technological advancements, and expanded market reach. Furthermore, this collaboration allows us to harness the collective expertise of individuals who share the passion for exceptional Payroll and HCM solutions, amplifying capabilities and propelling innovation in the industry. With two award-winning teams coming together, the possibilities are boundless!

      How Clients Are Impacted

      Becoming an SD Worx company brings Intelligo a range of advantages and extended offerings that ensure our clients continue to be the centre of our efforts and strategy. Still, we understand this change may need to be clarified to our clients. Here is an outline of the changes you can expect.

        What Changes To Expect From the Rebrand

        One of the most significant changes you can expect is the expansion of Intelligo’s market offering through SD Worx’s portfolio with MegaPay at the core for integrations.

        The first to bring to the market is SD Worx Workforce Management. This intelligent workforce management software empowers you to coordinate staffing resources, maximise productivity and manage costs in real-time.

        Next, you’ll hear about SD Worx People, an efficient and flexible HR software. We are also delighted to be able to offer an integrated pan-European payroll service in a single governance model as we are now part of the SD Worx Group.

        Of course, we are still the same people, with the same great products and services. MegaPay will continue to be our flagship payroll software solution and MegaPay Outsourced our principal payroll service, supported, developed, and delivered from our HQ in Ireland.

        Over the next few weeks, Intelligo will rebrand to become ‘SD Worx, formerly Intelligo’, and here are some of the changes that you can expect to see:

        • Our company name will change to ‘SD Worx, formerly Intelligo’.
        • Our logo, branding and marketing material will change to reflect our new name.
        • We’ll have a new revamped website and website address – www.sdworx.ie. Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything; there will be a redirect from our existing website.
        • Email addresses will change from intelligo.ie and intelligosoftware.com to sdworx.com. Again, don’t worry, there will be mail forwarding to assist you.
        • Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. will look different with our new name and branding.

        The rebranding process will unify our brand messaging. Through these visible changes, we aim to reinforce our dedication to providing you with an elevated experience and reaffirm our alignment with the SD Worx brand.

          What Won’t Change

          You can rest assured of one thing that certainly won’t change: our commitment to delivering the best payroll software and services to new and existing clients.  The way we work will remain the same since MegaPay will continue to be developed, supported, and maintained from our HQ in Bray.

          • Our Team: Our staff, with a wealth of payroll and HR experience, will still be there for all your needs.
          • MegaPay Functionality: Our MegaPay payroll software solution will remain the same. We will continue to develop and support our flagship MegaPay solution, with the major benefit of an expanded range of offerings in HCM solutions.
          • Support Services:  All clients will still receive unlimited access to our Helpdesk in Ireland by telephone and email.
          • MegaPay Outsourced: Our MegaPay Outsourced payroll services will continue to be delivered by our payroll teams in our HQ in Ireland.
          • How We Work as an Irish Brand: Our operations will continue to be delivered from our HQ in Ireland.
          • Contracts: All contracts will remain valid so no action is needed from a contractual perspective.

            Redefining the Future of Payroll

            Completing Intelligo’s take over by SD Worx consolidates our position as a transformative force in the Payroll & HCM solutions industry, equipping businesses from different industries and sizes with the tools and resources needed to thrive in ever-evolving marketplaces.

            We are excited to embark on this transformative journey and look forward to sharing our refreshed identity. Together, we are ushering in a new era of empowerment and growth, paving the way for success on a global scale.

            Contact our team to find out how SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, can empower your business.