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ARYZTA is an organisation with leading capabilities in the baking industry. Their foods include artisan breads, pastries, cookies and much more
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    Unparalleled Capabilities

    ARYZTA is an organisation with leading capabilities in the baking industry. Their foods include artisan breads, pastries, cookies and much more. They aim to be the partner of choice for food professionals in the industry, customers who avail of their innovative products, and customers who in turn provide their customers with ARYZTA’s range of quality products.

    ARYZTA’s portfolio ranges across brands well known to consumers and their customers and includes reputable names such as Cuisine de France, Coup de Pates, and Pierre’s. Each brand offers something unique to their customers, from bakery and deli counter food offerings to hot beverages. ARYZTA not only offers great choice, but they also offer their products as branded or unbranded solutions.

      Making the Move to MegaPay On-Cloud

      ARYZTA has in excess of 1,000 employees spread across several sites, processing monthly and fortnightly payroll for five entities in Ireland and the UK. This meant that they were incurring expensive costs when it came to hardware, software, licensing and maintenance fees. In order to reduce costs and have the option to access vital information remotely, ARYZTA turned to MegaPay On-Cloud.

      SD Worx, formerly Intelligo made this move easy. By assisting ARYZTA during the deployment of the software for remote working environments and addressing any concerns, SD Worx, formerly Intelligo took away any stress involved in the process. SD Worx, formerly Intelligo was also there to undertake payroll and end of year tax updates, enhancing their service offering and commitment to their client. 

      Download Brochure: See why you should make the switch to MegaPay On-Cloud.

        How MegaPay On-Cloud Benefitted ARYZTA

        ARYZTA has seen their payroll processes streamlined since migrating to MegaPay On-Cloud. Among the many benefits ARYZTA enjoy in using MegaPay On-Cloud, they are particularly impressed by: 

        • Easy deployment for remote working environments.
        • Zero upgrades or hardware concerns as SD Worx, formerly Intelligo looks after this. 
        • Relief of resources required to maintain on-premises software and data security responsibility.
        • How SD Worx, formerly Intelligo takes care of payroll and end of year tax updates. 
        • The flexible environment of the software and how easily it can be scaled up.

          “The benefits of migrating to MegaPay On-Cloud were instantaneous and rewarding. The remote aspect of the software really stands out, but we’re also delighted by how much time we’ve all gained back as well as the reduced costs.”

          Warren Bridge, Payroll Manager at ARYZTA

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