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Mind Health and Wellbeing

AXA publishes its annual study on Mind Health and Wellbeing

The Study

AXA, one of the largest global insurers, has once again released the finding from their annual study, which looks at the current state of mental health and how it differs by age and gender around the world. It helps identify gaps in the current state of mental health, how individuals prioritise their mental health and highlight the need to raise awareness.



    The Results

    The results outline some critical facts that many should look to going forward, whether for their mental health, family, friends or even employees. Some of the more notable results include

    • 36% of people say the pandemic boosted their ability to deal with difficult situations.
    • Yet only 44% of those surveyed said they had felt happy or experienced joy in the past year.
    • Public health and employer support is not perceived as adequate.
    • When facing challenges, only 40%  of participants think the public health system in the UK provides adequate support with similar results in Ireland.
    • Finally 40% of UK people feel their employer provides good support when it comes to mental health and 42% in Ireland felt the same.


      The AXA Impact

      As a result of the findings, AXA is taking concrete actions: the company announced the launch of the AXA Mind Health Index to monitor progress made in mental health over time. The Index, tailored by country, will support individuals, businesses, healthcare professionals, and policymakers in their approach to mental health to help them prevent illness, and promote wellbeing.

      In a press release; AXA CEO Europe and Latin America Antimo Perreta commented:

      “The cost of undiagnosed and poorly managed mental illnesses is colossal. As an international leader in health insurance, AXA wants to have a positive impact on mind health and wellbeing at scale to better prevent health issues. “Through this study, we are proud to offer a holistic approach, focused on being a positive force for human progress by helping people to prevent and deal with problems early on, promoting their happiness and satisfaction, whilst protecting their emotional wellbeing.



        What can you Do?

        One of the key findings from the study was that workers offered support by their employers are twice as likely to flourish as those without support. As we navigate various transitions over the coming months and years, leaders will likely see employees struggle with anxiety depression. Even in the most uncertain of times, the role of a manager remains the same: to support your team members. That includes supporting their mental health. If you are unsure how to do this, check out the abundance of support from mental health charities in the UK and Ireland.



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