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Do Payroll Queries Affect Your Business's Bottom Line?

Do Payroll Queries Affect Your Business's Bottom Line?

Payroll is one of the most in-demand departments in an organisation, particularly due to pay-related queries from employees. However, queries can impact a payroll department in various ways, such as the time and effort required from staff to solve the issue. Depending on the volume and complexity of a query, it may divert resources away from other critical tasks. The time spent on resolving queries can also impact the efficiency of the payroll process, potentially causing delays in the overall payroll cycle.  

To better help you manage employee payroll queries, we’ve put together this article, which looks at common queries, how to solve them, and why payroll outsourcing may be the all-in-one solution.  


    What are Common Employee Queries Regarding Payroll?

    As Europe’s leading payroll services and solutions provider, SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, handles all sorts of payroll queries – we've seen it all. From experience, here’s are the most commonly asked queries we often receive from clients’ employees: 

     How do I get a copy of my payslip?  

    • Can you explain my PAYE/USC/PRSI charges?  
    • Can you explain BIK change?  
    • Can you send me past payslips for mortgage/loan applications?  
    • Can you explain deductions such as health insurance?  
    • How does the Cycle to Work Scheme work?  
    • How does pension relief work?  
    • What’s my pension limit?  
    • Can you explain tax on shares?  
    • Can you give an estimate of my net pay if I was to reduce my hours/days?  
    • How is the Illness Benefit calculated?  
    • How are statutory payments taxed?  
    • How do I change my email and home address.   

    As you can see, many of these queries require simple fixes, e.g., updating information. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that employees are having issues and looking for answers. So, what’s the solution when it’s affecting your business? Well, one option is to outsource to a Trusted Payroll Partner.


      Is it Better to Outsource Payroll?

      Outsourcing your payroll needs comes with many benefits.   

      From the moment you make the switch, your employees’ queries will transfer to your new payroll partner. Furthermore, you will get:  

      • Greater security and recovery: 94% of businesses say they saw an improvement after implementing cloud solutions. In cases where recovery was needed, 20% of cloud storage users can recover from an incident in four hours or less. This figure drops to 9% for non-Cloud storage users. 
      • Costs savings: On-Premises payroll systems often require significant investments in hardware, software licenses, and maintenance. In contrast, On-Cloud payroll software operates on a subscription-based model, meaning you can better manage your budget and allocate resources where needed. 
      • A scalable platform: Businesses can scale their payroll systems to accommodate growth or downsizing. This is particularly important during a period of great change when payroll staff could already be under pressure. 
      • Technology and systems: The efficiency of a payroll department is closely tied to the payroll software and systems in use. Our solution MegaPay is used to deliver our payroll services. It’s all about what you need from your payroll and whether your chosen provider can deliver the software. 


        Let SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, Handle Your Employees’ Queries

        At SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, we know that employee queries can drain resources. That’s why, when you become a payroll partner, you can take up the option to have a company-branded employee helpline that allows your employees to call us with their payroll queries. We will even answer calls in your company’s name. This makes your life easier and allows you to get to on with what’s important, which is the running of your business.  

        To see what our MegaPay Outsourced payroll software is like, and to redirect those time-consuming employee queries to a Trusted Payroll Partner, book a demo today.


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