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The Future of Payroll is in the Cloud

MegaPay On-Cloud is designed to streamline your payroll operations, unlock efficiency and avail of enterprise-grade data security. On-premises payroll software requires maintaining backups, server patching and software upgrades, which involves ongoing staff costs to maintain physical software. For larger corporations, the sheer volume of sensitive data means that on-premises software requires constant monitoring and timely backups to ensure optimal security. With MegaPay On-Cloud, this GDPR responsibility is entirely outsourced.

The future of payroll

Learn More About MegaPay On-Cloud

Cut costs and unlock a new era of payroll efficiency! All clients are opting for MegaPay On-Cloud, seeing the benefits and understanding that on-premises software is an inferior option. Don’t stick with legacy technology and deployment when there’s a vastly superior solution. If you want to know more about MegaPay On-Cloud browse through our switcher brochure.

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