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Read about the benefits AXA is finding in our MegaPay software solution.
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    Founded in 1816 in France, AXA has become one of the largest and most instantly recognisable insurance companies in Ireland since arriving in 1999. With headquarters in Dublin, AXA specialises in providing motor, household, commercial and commercial non-motor insurance.   

    Serving over one million customers, AXA has an extensive network of 42 branches around Ireland and employs over 1,300 staff. Due to the volume of staff and needing to frequently import masterfile and timesheet data such as staff policies, salary changes, and bonuses, AXA turned to MegaPay to streamline these requirements. 

      Meeting AXA’s Payroll Needs

      The partnership between SD Worx, formerly Intelligo and AXA stretches back over two decades. Shane Corr, Payroll Administrator at AXA, said that they use MegaPay to “extract comprehensive reports from MegaPay, from balancing the payroll, interfacing with financials (SAP), to analysing data for our Expense Team.”  

      Shane added that AXA also uses MegaPay to “produce ad-hoc reports for various internal departments which help to highlight overtime, bonus trends, and cost centre changes.” All AXA staff have access the Employee Self Service module, too, giving them the opportunity to view current and historical payslips as well as P60s. 

        How MegaPay Makes the Difference

        From day one, AXA has benefitted from the many standout features of MegaPay as well as the overall partnership with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo. When we asked AXA what makes the difference, they pointed to three areas:  

        • Updates: SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, is highly efficient in providing budgetary updates and ad-hoc patches; particularly at the end of the year, as AXA always has an early fortnightly payroll to run in January. 
        • Payslips: AXA has over 500 pensioners and 40% receive payslips by email. In this instance, MegaPay is proving to be very cost-effective. Payslips are also very detailed which AXA finds has reduced questions to the payroll department. 
        • Support: The live support facility has proven useful and quick for answering customised queries relating to AXA.   

        AXA also found re-occurring time savings for both payroll staff and AXA as payslips no longer need to be printed and distributed, thus saving on stationery and postage costs. 

          SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, is highly efficient in providing budgetary updates and ad-hoc patches, particularly at year end. The service we receive is also excellent; they have a highly experienced team of consultants who provide support by phone, web, email and onsite visits when required.
          Shane Corr, Payroll Administrator, AXA

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