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Carbery Food Ingredients

Carbery Food Ingredients Migrates to MegaPay On-Cloud For Optimal Security
Carbery Food Ingredients


    Carbery Food Ingredients is a global Dairy & Nutrition company 100% owned by four Irish milk co-operatives based in West Cork. Committed to providing customers with the best nutritional ingredients, flavours and natural cheeses, Carbery’s expertise in dairy, nutrition and taste using natural extracts is what makes their business stand out.

    Carbery has products for sale through several brands aimed at B2B and retail customers and distributed in around 50 markets worldwide. The company operates from 12 sites across 8 countries, employing more than 950 employees globally, with over 400 located in Ireland.

      The Migration Process

      Carbery has been using MegaPay for many years. However, in 2022, considering the highly sensitive nature of the data housed within MegaPay, safeguarding it on-site posed a significant security concern. The company decided then to migrate to MegaPay On-Cloud to ensure their employees’ data would be securely protected and preserved.

      SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, Project Team, managed the MegaPay On-Cloud project in a way that the migration process was seamless and didn’t have any impact on Carbery’s operations. In addition, all given deadlines were met, contributing to the project’s completion within the agreed timeline. The utilisation of enterprise grade data centres now provides unparalleled levels of security and protection.

      Download Brochure: See why you should make the switch to MegaPay On-Cloud.

        Benefits of MegaPay On-Cloud

        According to Carbery, the migration to MegaPay On-Cloud has proved a great success, bringing a number of benefits to the company, of which they highlighted:

        • Enterprise-grade data centres offer the highest level of security.
        • No concerns regarding upgrades and hardware matters since SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, manages them.
        • SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, also handles payroll and tax year-end updates.

          “Due to the sensitive nature of the data within MegaPay, it was a major security concern when stored on-site. We are now assured our employees’ data is safe with MegaPay On-Cloud due to the enterprise-grade data centres offering the highest security.”

          Micheál McGrath, Global RPA & Finance Systems Lead, Carbery Food Ingredients.

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