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Efficient Payroll Revolution with SD Worx MegaPay.
medtronic Ireland

    Medtronic is a leading global healthcare solutions company committed to improving the lives of people through its medical technologies, services, and solutions that treat 70-plus health conditions. They partner with hospital management and medical leaders to transform care pathways and clinical operations, with a shared goal of improving efficiency, cost, and patient and staff satisfaction.

    Their mission to enhance healthcare management and patient care is mirrored in their internal operations, particularly in payroll management. This case study highlights Medtronic's partnership with SD Worx and the successful integration of MegaPay Payroll Software, demonstrating its impact on streamlining their payroll processes and boosting operational efficiency.


      Medtronic's Challenge

      Administering payroll for their vast and diverse workforce across various locations presented significant challenges for Medtronic. A robust, reliable, and adaptable payroll system was crucial to managing their 95,000+ employees worldwide, with significant operations in Galway, Athlone, and Dublin.


        The Solution: Workday and MegaPay Integration

        SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, renowned for its comprehensive payroll solutions, equipped Medtronic with the innovative MegaPay software, a certified partner of Workday Global Payroll. This integration enabled an efficient and transparent data exchange between HR and payroll systems, ensuring accuracy in payroll operations.

        Medtronic’s payroll department states that “the link between MegaPay and Workday has benefited us by allowing for a direct link between HR and payroll. This gives us clear visibility on changes being made that impact payroll. MegaPay has allowed us to be flexible in the movement of employees between weekly and monthly. CSO reporting has been reduced due to standard reports already available on MegaPay."


          Medtronic People
          The ability to rerun end-of-payroll processes allows for amendments to be made in the correct period. Previous systems made this process arduous and time-consuming.
          Medtronic People
          Team Member, Payroll Department, Medtronic

          Impact and Benefits

          Medtronic’s payroll department has seen many benefits since turning to MegaPay. 

          • Streamlined Efficiency: MegaPay's intuitive interface and versatile applications dramatically trimmed down the time spent on payroll tasks by Medtronic's payroll department.
          • Advanced Reporting: The software's sophisticated reporting features, including CSO and PRSA reporting, made payroll reporting more efficient for Medtronic.
          • Adaptable Payment Cycles: MegaPay's flexibility permitted swift transitions of employees between various payroll cycles.
          • Consistent Customer Support: Medtronic valued SD Worx's exceptional customer support, ensuring effective and consistent payroll operations.

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