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Medtronic’s Move to MegaPay Yields Endless Rewards
medtronic Ireland

    Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company committed to improving the lives of people through their medical technologies, services, and solutions that treat 70-plus health conditions. They partner with hospital management and medical leaders to transform care pathways and clinical operations, with a shared goal of improving efficiency, cost, and patient and staff satisfaction.

    Medtronic employs 95,000+ people in over 150 countries, with 4,000 employees working across five sites in Galway, Athlone, and Dublin where their headquarters is based. With so great a headcount, Medtronic wanted to better manage their payroll processes and sought out SD Worx, formerly Intelligo and our MegaPay Payroll Software to increase efficiency and save costs. 


      Workday and MegaPay: A Winning Partnership

      SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, is a Workday Global Payroll Certified Partner, meaning we’ve passed Workday’s standards of quality, integrity, and experience. This connector module appealed to Medtronic who were able to link our MegaPay payroll software with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), allowing for the accurate sharing of information between HR and payroll.

      The high points of this partnership were felt immediately, with Medtronic’s payroll department stating that “the link between MegaPay and Workday has benefited us by allowing for a direct link between HR and payroll. This gives us clear visibility on changes being made that impact payroll.”


        Increased Efficiency with MegaPay

        Medtronic’s payroll department has seen many benefits since turning to MegaPay. For instance, they say their payroll processes are now far more efficient, with the time spent on payroll tasks greatly reduced. Other benefits Medtronic highlighted include:

        • Easy to use software
        • Flexible application with exceptional reporting capabilities
        • CSO and PRSA reporting
        • More payslip delivery options, such as ESS, print, and email
        • Excellent customer support


          MegaPay has allowed us to be flexible in the movement of employees between weekly and monthly. CSO reporting has been reduced due to standard reports already available on MegaPay. In addition, the ability to rerun end of payroll processes allows for amendments to be made in the correct period. Previous systems made this process arduous and time consuming.
          Team Member, Payroll Department , Medtronic