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5 Steps for Successful On-Premises to On-Cloud Payroll Migration

Migrating from On-Premises to On-Cloud payroll can elevate your business processes to a whole other level. Among the many benefits, for instance, are mobile accessibility, increased data security, and reduced costs. 

While these points make for great reading, there remains the actual On-Premises to On-Cloud migration. So, if you’re asking yourself, “How do I transition from on-premises to cloud?”, we have the five steps to make your migration a stress-free success. 



    Step 1: Select the Right Cloud-Based Payroll Provider

    Choosing the right cloud-based payroll provider is critical to the success of the migration process. Consider factors such as provider's:

    • Software functionality, speed, and compliance
    • Reputation
    • Security measures
    • Integration capabilities
    • Pricing structure

    It’s advisable to request demos or trials from shortlisted providers. In doing so, you can evaluate the user interface, functionality, and ease of use.


    Step 2: Develop a Migration Plan

    A well-defined migration plan is essential for a smooth transition. 

    At SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, we know the importance of a migration plan and we will create one for you that outlines key milestones, timelines, and responsibilities. This plan will also include a thorough data migration strategy. This will ensure that all necessary employee data is securely transferred to the new payroll system without any loss or corruption. 


    Step 3: Test and Validate the New Payroll System

    Before fully transitioning to a new On-Cloud payroll system, your chosen provider must conduct comprehensive user acceptance testing and validation. This includes verifying data accuracy, performing test payroll runs, and ensuring that all required reports and functionalities are functioning as expected.

    Completing this stage of the process ensures all aspects of the new system are thoroughly evaluated. At SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, we make things easy by taking care of the whole process for you. 


    Step 4: Execute the Migration

    With a well-defined plan in place and after thorough testing and training, you can proceed with executing the payroll migration. 

    This stage involves transferring employee data, configuring the new system to match existing payroll processes, and performing a final validation before going live. It’s crucial to monitor the migration process to address any issues or discrepancies.


    Step 5: Post-Migration Support and Optimisation

    As the final key consideration for cloud migration, the On-Cloud provider should provide ongoing support and optimisation to ensure a smooth transition. And while you won’t encounter any post-migration issues with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, we will still conduct updates in the background to leverage new functionalities and enhance your payroll operations.



      On-Cloud Payroll Done Right: MegaPay On-Cloud by SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

      Instead of asking yourself, “How do I transition from on-premises to cloud”, let SD Worx, formerly Intelligo take care of the migration process for you. We’ll cover all the essential cloud migration considerations and have your payroll process streamlined towards success in no time. 

      With MegaPay On-Cloud, you not only save up to 20% in payroll management and maintenance costs, but you also get a payroll solution you can operate remotely. Furthermore, MegaPay On-Cloud is 100% secure, meaning there’s no fear of data being breached.

      Other benefits that will help you manage your payroll processes more efficiently include:

       Scalable payroll.

      • Real-time calculations.
      • UK and Irish calculation engines.
      • No hardware or upgrade concerns.
      • No payroll and tax year-end updates.
      • Reduced upfront financial exposure and CAPEX costs.
      • Full integration with 3rd party systems such as HR, finance and time and attendance systems.


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