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The Antalis Group

The Antalis Group is Europe’s leading distributor of paper, packaging and visual communication solutions. They are the leader in B2B distribution of Papers and industrial Packaging, and number two in the distribution of Visual Communication media in Europe. Antalis Ireland uses MegaPay Outsourced, the managed payroll service from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, for their Irish branch.
Antalis UK


    The Antalis Group is Europe’s leading distributor of paper, packaging and visual communication solutions. They are the leader in B2B distribution of Papers and Industrial Packaging, and number two in the distribution of Visual Communication media in Europe.

    The Group employs 5,500 people serving approximately 140,000 customers, companies and printers in 41 countries. Part of the group, Antalis Ireland Limited, is the largest Paper Merchant in Ireland supplying paper, stationery, visual communications and packaging requirements since 1897. With offices in both Dublin  and Belfast, they service the entire island of Ireland daily.


      Antalis has felt the benefits of using MegaPay Outsourced for their payroll including:

      • Cost Savings

      • Reliability & Security

      • Ability to meet their payroll needs

      Now a happy client of MegaPay Outsourced, Antalis are pleased with their continual high levels of service and are very likely to recommend MegaPay Outsourced as an outsourced payroll service.


        Choosing SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

        Beginning their journey with MegaPay Outsourced several years ago, Eoin Heagney, the Managing Director of Antalis Ireland, recalls:

        “We moved away from our previous provider as they stopped offering the support we needed. We were recommended to SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, and from initial contact they were responsive to inquiries and demonstrated the ability to deliver outstanding quality, service and value to Antalis.”

        “We undertook the project and we were very satisfied with the management of the payroll implementation. SD Worx, formerly Intelligo’s, ability to keep commitments and to meet go-live timelines confirmed we had chosen the right provider.”

          Working with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

          Eoin continued :

          “We are very pleased with the excellent quality, reliability and customer service given. We found the staff in MegaPay Outsourced to be very good and extremely diligent, especially our allocated payroll professional whom we mainly deal with.”

          SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, will strive to continue meeting the payroll needs of Antalis with many more years of successful partnership to come.

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