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FCR Media

FCR Media chose the Managed Payroll Service from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, to manage their payroll for over 120 employees.
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    FCR Media provide Business Marketing Solutions to Customers in Ireland & the UK. FCR Media has a large product portfolio which helps to connect businesses with potential customers that are looking for relevant information.

    They offer businesses multiple ways to engage consumers across online, mobile, print and call centre channels as well as providing consumers access

      Why SD Worx, formerly Intelligo?

      According to Finbarr O’Connor, Finance Manager for FCR Media -

      “We chose SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, because of their reputation and ability to assist us in our specific payroll requirements. Overall the outsourcing process went very well. The challenges were initial checks to ensure some of the more complex issues were covered for our payroll, for example, maternity and sick pay. We needed to ensure the reports were sufficient to meet our own requirements.”

        Benefits of Outsourced Payroll

        • Breakdown of Gross to Net for each payroll and control reports.

        • Not having to constantly upgrade in-house payroll software systems.

        • SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, offers excellent advice on payroll requirements.

        • Bespoke reports that apply solely to our company and FCR’s payroll needs.

        • Emailing payslips to employees and PDFs of all employee payslips.

          Key Features of MegaPay Outsourced

          Finbarr concluded - “key features of Outsourced Payroll for us includes:

          • Constant communication from our allocated Payroll Manager.

          • Flexibility in receiving information at any part of the payroll process.

          • MegaPay, the payroll software, is superior to all other systems in the market.

          • Over and under-reporting.”

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