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BT Ireland

Revolutionising Payroll Management with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo
BT Ireland


    Discover how BT Ireland, a frontrunner in IT services and network solutions, partnered with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, to transform their payroll management for over 600 employees across multiple locations. This collaboration showcases the power of tailored payroll solutions in driving efficiency and innovation. BT Ireland is not only a cornerstone in IT services, instrumental in the government and business sectors, but also a pioneer in wholesale network services. Their continuous investments in infrastructure reflect a commitment to technological advancements and superior service delivery, showcasing a path of strategic growth and leadership in the industry.


      Streamlining Payroll Across Diverse Operations

      When Colm McCluskey, Senior Finance Manager at BT Ireland, reflected on the pivotal decision to overhaul their payroll system, he noted, 

        “The original outsourcing project was back in 2007. We had a number of meetings/workshops to get the project off the ground; these were seamless and quick and before long they superseded what we had in place previously. SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, worked with us from the start to design efficient processes and provided valuable support on the way of shaping and maintaining the payroll outsourcing process.”

          Customised Payroll Services

          Chosen for their commitment to delivering a customised service, SD Worx stood out for their partnership-driven approach, promising a solution that catered precisely to BT Ireland's unique requirements.

          • Implementation Excellence: The transition to SD Worx Ireland, formerly Intelligo’s Managed Payroll Service, was characterised by its seamless and collaborative nature, setting a new standard in payroll management efficiency.

          Reflecting on the project's initiation in 2007, McCluskey recalled, 

            "The moment we decided to transition to a new provider, we were looking for more than just a service. SD Worx, formerly Intelligo stood out because they promised a partnership that would offer a tailored service fitting our unique needs. Their commitment to adapt and evolve with us was a key factor in our decision."

              Enhanced Efficiency and Strategic Benefits

              • Responsive Adaptation: SD Worx, formerly Intelligo’s, proactive approach to change management and requirement adaptation ensured continuous alignment with BT Ireland's evolving needs.
              • Operational Efficiency: The transition led to significant operational efficiencies, including superior expense process management and eliminating the need for in-house payroll expertise.
              • Strategic Insights: Bespoke reporting capabilities provided critical insights, enabling strategic decision-making.
              • Seamless Integration: Exceptional handling of variable payroll elements, including bonuses and shares, underscored the solution's adaptability.


                Technology and Support

                • MegaPay Excellence: MegaPay's superior technology, coupled with a dedicated support team, ensures continuity, reliability, and compliance, setting us apart in the payroll solutions market.
                • Audit and Compliance: Unwavering support during audits and disclosures further cements SD Worx's role as a trusted partner.


                  Partnership Defined by Innovation and Support

                  The collaboration between BT Ireland and SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, illustrates the transformative potential of tailored payroll solutions. SD Worx's innovative approach and technology have streamlined BT Ireland's payroll processes and set a benchmark for payroll management excellence.


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