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BT Ireland

BT Ireland Ltd chose the Managed Payroll Service from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, to manage their payroll for over 600 employees across five sites.
BT Ireland


    BTI is a leading provider of IT services to the government departments and major businesses, employing over 600 staff across 5 different sites.

    It is also a leader in the provision of wholesale network services, working with key customers such as Three, for whom they build their 3G network. BTI continues to invest in network infrastructure.

      Why SD Worx, formerly Intelligo?

      According to Colm McCluskey, Senior Finance Manager for BI Ireland:

      “We chose the fully managed payroll service from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, over the other providers. They committed to working with us to provide a tailored service that met our specific requirement and also committed to being a genuine partner with us going forward.”

        Outsourcing Process

        “The original outsourcing project was back in 2007. We had a number of meetings/workshops to get the project off the ground; these were seamless and quick and before long they superseded what we had in place previously. SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, worked with us from the start to design efficient processes and provided valuable support on the way of shaping and maintaining the payroll outsourcing process.”

          Benefits of Outsourced Payroll

          • Always open to discussion about any new changes or requirements we have.


          • Took ownership of our expense process with a superior review system.


          • Fantastic value for money with no requirement for inhouse payroll staff.


          • Produces bespoke reports when we require insight into particular parts of payroll.


          • Deals with ad hoc requirements like bonuses/share exercises seamlessly and accurately.

            Key Features of MegaPay Outsourced

            Colm concluded, “the key features of Outsourced Payroll are

            • Continuity and Handover across the team.

            • Dedicated Team who support us and are always there.

            • MegaPay, the payroll software, is superior to all other systems in the market.

            • The Outsourced team fully support us during audits and voluntary disclosures.”