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Mowi Ireland

Mowi Ireland, formerly Marine Harvest Ireland, is a leading producer of Irish Organic Atlantic Salmon, with head offices based in Donegal.
Mowi Ireland


    Mowi Ireland, formerly Marine Harvest Ireland, is a leading producer of Irish Organic Atlantic Salmon, with head offices based in Donegal.

    Mowi Ireland operates in three regions, Donegal, Mayo and Cork, employing over 400 staff across the three regions. For over 40 years they have led the way in sustainable salmon farming.

      Choosing SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

      According to Maurice Kelly, HR Manager “We were using the smaller SME Human Resource software from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, and a separate Payroll solution.

      As their HR Software integrated with MegaPay, the corporate Payroll solution , we decided this was the natural route to take as it simplified reporting and eliminated duplication of work.

      Mowi Ireland has used and trusted previous products from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, and reliable technical support therefore we chose to go with them rather than any of the other providers in the Irish market.”

        Meeting Our Requirements

        “Linking Human Resource with Payroll i.e. HR Software with MegaPay, we can pull out working hours reports, overtime hours and values, expenses, etc." Maurice, added “This is very helpful during system and quality audits, i.e. pulling out training reports, etc.”.

          Key Features

          Maurice added, “The fact that the HR Software is deployed over an internet browser means that it is web-based, which is very useful for our organisation due to the fact that we have sites in three regions in Ireland.

          The software also allows for multi-users with full or partial access, which again is a great benefit”.

            Working with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

            I would recommend their HR Software and MegaPay as a Human Resource and Payroll Solution to other companies looking to change or update their HR and payroll needs.

              Get in touch today to discover how our solutions can transform your Payroll and HR operations.

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