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Peter Mark & SD Worx, formerly Intelligo: Reshaping Payroll and HR Management
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    Peter Mark, Ireland's premier hairdressing salon, founded by Peter and Mark Keaveney in 1961, has grown to become a leading name in European hairstyling. With a dedicated team of over 1,500 professionals across 72 branches, Peter Mark has embraced innovative payroll and HR solutions from SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, to manage its extensive operations across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland effectively.


      Selecting SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

      Susan Flynn, Payroll Manager at Peter Mark, shares insights into their selection process: "We have been successfully using MegaPay since 2004 to manage our Irish Payroll needs and also Intelligo’s integrated HR solution.” 

      The extension to include their Northern Ireland staff was a strategic move, necessitated by the need for a payroll provider adept in both UK and Irish payroll legislation. "MegaPay was the natural choice...as we needed a payroll provider who could support both UK and Irish Payroll legislation," Flynn stated, highlighting the seamless service and support offered by SD Worx, formerly Intelligo.


        Effortless Implementation and Enhanced Efficiency

        The introduction of MegaPay's UK software to Peter Mark's operations has significantly streamlined payroll reporting and management. Flynn remarks on the system’s user-friendliness and the efficiency it has brought to their processes: 

          "The importing of timesheet data, reporting on various pay elements such as job costing and grading has really helped to make our job easier."

            Realised Benefits:

            This collaboration has yielded significant advantages for Peter Mark:

            • Enhanced reporting capabilities, leading to improved operational efficiency.
            • Simplified statutory payments and deductions management in the UK, showcasing the system's flexibility.
            • A user-friendly interface that facilitated a smooth transition for the payroll team.

            Peter Mark's partnership with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, underscores the importance of choosing payroll and HR solutions that align with an organisation's specific needs. This strategic decision has enabled Peter Mark to streamline its payroll and HR functions, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and excellence. This case exemplifies how bespoke payroll and HR management systems can significantly contribute to the efficiency and strategic development of businesses in today’s dynamic market.


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