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Increased Efficiency: The Role of Time and Attendance Software

Each business has its own system for tracking employee time and attendance. Some still rely on key fobs while others are happy to count a “good morning” as clocking in. For some, it’s the first coffee in the canteen. 

More businesses choose the modern approach of time and attendance software. This has many advantages, from accurate reports to remote accessibility. There are more benefits, of course, all of which help you better manage your business. 





    What is Time and Attendance in Payroll?

    So, what is time and attendance in payroll? Furthermore, how do you manage employee time and attendance?  

    Employee time and attendance accounts for the hours and days a staff member worked during a given period. It factors in their annual leave, sick days, etc., so that the employee receives the correct amount of pay. Businesses of all sizes use this system as it allows for greater control of labour, which in turn increases productivity and profitability. 

    How you manage time and attendance for employees depends on scheduling and employee requests. If, for instance, and employee requests annual leave, you’ll need to assess how their absence will affect the rest of the team. Perhaps an employee takes ill and misses a week of work. If you operate in the hospitality industry, this may require you to reshuffle rosters and bring in cover.  

    There is any number of possibilities that can impact employee time and attendance tracking. This, of course, is where software shines.  

    Hospitality case study: Dalata Hotel Group 



      Benefits of Time and Attendance Software

      Time and attendance software, much like real-time payroll software, provides many benefits for your business. Like any software that makes your life easier, tracking employee hours delivers gains through consistent processing and reporting. 

      Notable benefits of time and attendance software include:  

      1. Less time spent on payroll: Time and attendance software saves time on tracking, recording, and processing hours worked. This applies to both employees and payroll staff, too.  
      2. No human errors: Say goodbye to timesheets and punching in. With time and attendance software, employee hours are accurately tracked, meaning payroll is always correct.  
      3. Remote access: Do you spend a lot of time working away from the office? If so, you can keep up with employees’ hours through time and attendance software. Your remote employees, too, can track their hours.  
      4. No more time theft: Time theft can be anything from taking longer lunch breaks to clocking in for a colleague. Time and attendance software prevents this.  
      5. Adherence to relevant laws: Time and attendance software ensures you stay on the right side of the law. You cover working hours and annual leave entitlements and should any issues pop up, you will know about them in an instant. 

      As you can see, the use of effective payroll time and attendance software can streamline an otherwise tedious process. And for further peace of mind when adopting such software, make sure to work with an experienced payroll partner… 



        Ensure Consistency and Accuracy with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo

        Our time and attendance tracking system comes with many advantages. For example, it allows you to gain an accurate, real-time oversight of your workforce’s capacity and staff availability. With software that enables you and your employees to allocate time and attendance, you save big across wasted hours, manual labour, and expensive mistakes.  

        There are many other reasons to partner with SD Worx, formerly Intelligo, including:  

        Intuitive cloud solution: A modern, intuitive, and cloud-based solution for employee/manager self-service. 

        Flexible packages: Flexible SaaS, HaaS and fully managed services packages to meet any business, legislative, or compliance need. 

        Seamless integration: Payroll and HR are automatically integrated. 

        Accurate data: Accurate data collection via various channels, from web and terminal to mobile app. 

        Single Sign-on: Single sign-on access to every functionality from any device at any time. 

        Single Point of contact: A single point of contact throughout the roll out and beyond.  

        Start making gains on your business processes today by booking a demo of our intelligent time and attendance tracking system. 



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